Our work

Here are a few examples of our lab manuals that are being used in laboratory courses around the country.

Principles of Biology

Randall L. Detra, Ph.D, Neumann University

"After several years of frustrating deadlines, oppressive format limitations, complicated chain of command and high cost to the students, I decided I needed an artist/publisher for my biology laboratory manual who is skilled, flexible, timely, attentive and directly accountable. I was pleased to find all of these qualities with Science Lab Studios. As a consequence I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with this laboratory manual and to introduce new projects as well."

M435: Tissue Culture and Virology Laboratory

Tuli Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D, Indiana University

"I would highly recommend Science Lab Studios to anyone who is designing their own lab manual. They very efficiently compiled all of my labs, added illustrations as we discussed via phone and email, and after a short while the manual was ready for publication. As the course was taught more often, I made changes to both the text and the figures, which they easily incorporated into the newer versions of the manual. The entire process was smooth and the final product was fantastic. The students have commented on how nice it is to have all the prelab notes, experimental procedures, and worksheets in one place. Since the manual is available online, several people not taking the class have purchased it because they feel it is a good reference source."

General Microbiology Laboratory Manual and Study Guide

Anne Hemsley, Ph.D, Antelope Valley College

"Rick Simonson and the team at Science Lab Studios, Inc. create quality professional manuals at very competitive prices. I enjoy working with them; they are friendly, responsive, punctual and very creative. Revisions and changes are made with lightning speed and no alteration, however small, is too much trouble. My students have been able to purchase books from the online web site with ease, speed and convenience. I am extremely satisfied with the product provided."

Microbiology for Majors

Julie Shaffer, Ph.D, University of Nebraska at Kearney

"I would definitely recommend Science Lab Studios to anyone wanting to create their own lab manual. They were easy to work with and really listened to what I wanted. They took my ideas and designed a product that has made teaching the class so much easier. Students find the format easy to follow and the figures clear, and they really benefit for the reduced cost. They have even allowed me to make minor changes to the manual without any hassle. I was so happy with the first manual that I am currently working with Science Lab Studios on two more manuals for my other classes."

L313: Cell Biology Laboratory

Richard Holdeman, Ph.D., Indiana University

"Science Lab Studios are top-notch designers, who have helped me develop a better-looking, higher-quality lab manual for my students. In addition to doing great work, Science Lab Studios are easy to work with - they are responsive, quick, and really work hard to get the manual in a form that best fits the needs of my class. They are true professionals. Getting this level of quality for a relatively small class would not be possible with other publishers. If you want it done right, contact Science Lab Studios!"

Animal Behavior Laboratory Manual

Chris Carmichael, Ph.D., Malone University

"I have been extremely happy with the final product and Science Lab Studios made the process painlessly easy. They are very professional and were able to expeditiously take my raw product (which were a bunch of lab handouts I created over the years) and polish it into a very usable and nice looking finished guide. I am now excited about creating some more lab manuals in the future that specifically address my classroom needs. My students loved the price and the organization of the manual and it fits our exact needs."

Microbiology Laboratory

Greg Pryor, Ph.D., Francis Marion University

"Science Lab Studios' enthusiasm and dedication are truly extraordinary! While helping me with the manual for my microbiology lab course, they have demonstrated responsibility, reliability, and attention to detail. Their illustrations are superbly rendered, technically accurate, and (when in full color) immediately eye-catching. I am confident that they have the ability and determination to help you succeed in all of your custom publishing endeavors, and I recommend them whole-heartedly."

Biology 151 - Cell Function and Inheritance

Christopher Kvaal, Ph.D., Saint Cloud State University

"I needed a service that would enable my General Biology teaching lab protocols to be dressed up and published in a manner that would satisfy me, my students, and my bookstores. Science Lab Studios met all these needs in a professional and timely manner. I have made editorial changes and Science Lab Studios has made this process seamless. I have the freedom to make any other future changes I would like and the confidence that it will be similarly easy. Having this manual available for students (as opposed to handouts, photocopies, or using a copy service) has made teaching a large class much more manageable. Oh, and did I mention the images? They are great!"


Michelle Wagner, Ph.D., Saint Cloud State University

"It has been great to work with Rick at Science Lab Studios.  He is always quick to respond and act whenever I have a question or want to make changes to our biology lab manual. The lab manual is high quality with beautiful diagrams, and the pricing is reasonable.  I highly recommend Science Lab Studios for anyone who wants to create custom lab manuals for their courses!"

Microbiology for Nursing Students

Tara Grove, Otterbein University

"Working with Science Lab Studios was a great experience! They were easy to reach when we had questions and always prompt to respond. They made writing our first lab manual a very enjoyable experience. We loved the fact that they could take a simple, little, 'scribble of a figure' and turn it into a professional image that the students could benefit from. We were so pleased with the manual that Science Lab Studios created for our class that we have recommended them to fellow colleagues for their classes. The lab manual fit our course perfectly and made teaching the course much easier."

The Biology and Controversy of Medical Ethics

Nancy Marthakis, D.O., Purdue University North Central

"Science Lab Studios worked diligently on creating my custom manual in a timely fashion, and the quality of their work is excellent."

L313: Cell Biology Laboratory

Judy Surzycki, Indiana University

"This is the fourth year that I have been using a laboratory manual published by Science Lab Studios for a laboratory course at Indiana University. The Cell Biology Laboratory manual, published by Science Lab Studios, appears far more professional than the manual that I had distributed through IU Publishing in previous years. IU Publishing would copy the manual we submitted to them and add a cover, but there was no editing for typos, and no creative work such as illustrations and design of the layout of the manual. They have designed the cover to represent the various laboratory exercises that we do in the different laboratories, i.e. Cell Biology and Virology and Tissue Culture laboratories. The illustrations that he created to replace the rather amateurish illustrations that we had been using are wonderful. We use illustrations to show theoretical aspects of the experiment as well as to show steps in an experiment and in some cases, expected results. I have to say that the presentation of the manual and the quality of the illustrations are the first thing that caught my attention in the laboratory manuals published by Science Lab Studios. The formatting is designed to keep the number of pages to a minimum and therefore keeps the cost for the students down as well. Also, it was very easy to work with Science Lab Studios. Any suggestions or modifications, no matter how nitpicky, were immediately incorporated. They are very diligent about keeping in touch and also about letting us know about any problems with the orders from the bookstores that sell the manual to the students so that there are no surprises on the first day of class."