Custom Content

You choose the content of your lab manual. The text, figures, page layout, and cover art will meet your exact specifications. Your lab manual can be specially designed to contain only the material that you teach in your lab course.


Professional Scientific Illustrations

Your lab manual will be dramatically enhanced by high quality scientific illustrations. Professionally designed figures are essential to effectively communicate scientific concepts, procedures, and techniques. You decide what figures are needed and we will create them. We will also create a dynamic, full-color cover that captures the essence of your lab manual's content.


Organized Page Design

Your entire lab manual will contain professional page layout. Each page will have an ordered and logical design that will be both efficient to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at. You have complete control of the design. Of course, we would be happy to make design suggestions for your approval as well.




Your new custom lab manual will be made available to your students in your campus bookstore as soon as it is finished. We will work directly with your bookstores to insure that your lab manual is ready and available when your course begins.



Your custom lab manual will be very affordable. Your students will be able to purchase the lab manual for your course at a much lower cost compared to typical published science lab manuals. Not only will the cost be very affordable for your students, the cost of creating and modifying your lab manual will be completely free for you, the instructor. We will also provide you with free instructor copies.



A custom lab manual will save your department an enormous amount of money at the copy machine! You will no longer need to waste department money on printed handouts for your class. All of the necessary course information can be included in your custom lab manual.





Your custom lab manual can be completely original and unique. It will be specially designed and created for your class and the way you teach your class. Each lab can accurately describe exactly what you teach in your course. You are in complete control of the content.



The small classes are important too! At Science Lab Studios we do not cater only to the high-enrollment courses. Whether your class has 5 or 5,000 students we will work with you to create your perfect lab manual.





Your lab manual will have excellent print quality. Both type and images will be very clear and crisp. Lab manuals are standard letter size (8.5" x 11"). Inside the manual, the pages are white with black type and black-and-white, grayscale, or color images. The front and back covers are full color with a glossy finish. Spiral binding insures that the book will remain intact even through the abuse it may encounter in the laboratory environment.



You have the freedom to make changes to your lab manual at any time. You may want to change the content of your laboratory course from semester to semester. New labs are added, old labs are omitted, others are modified. Likewise, your lab manual will need to also adapt to these changes in the content of your course. No problem! Modifications can be made to the text, figures, layout, cover art, etc. You can easily make changes to your lab manual at any time.  Simply tell us what you need and we will get it done.



You can always contact us and expect a timely response.  When your lab manual is being developed or updated we will provide you with updates on our progress.  At any time you can contact us for the current status of your custom lab manual.



Are you a professor or instructor applying for promotion? Designing a custom lab manual will really impress your colleagues. Going the extra mile and having it professionally illustrated, printed, and published is a great demonstration of your commitment to teaching. Your name can be prominently displayed on the cover as well!



Everyone deserves to be compensated for their work. As an author you can receive a royalty on each lab manual sold. We will work with you to determine an appropriate royalty amount.





No commitment...ever! Try our custom lab manual service for a semester. If there are problems with your lab manual we will do whatever we can to fix them. Changes can be made at any time. If you are not happy with the lab manual and/or our service for any reason, you can stop using it at any time. No commitment.



There is absolutely no risk for you, the instructor. You can stop using the lab manual and our service at any time if you are not satisfied. There is no fee for the creation of your lab manual. There are never any fees for future modifications or revisions.  If you decide to stop using our service any content (word, images, etc.) that you provided for this manual is yours to take with you.